Attainable Style

Style on the slopes can be elusive, especially if you're new to the slopes or in your fifth straight year of borrowing cousin Charlie's late 90s North Face jacket. But we digress.

When selecting your apparel, our concerns usually revolve around how warm it is, how expensive it is, and let’s face it, whether it is fashionable. But no matter how we thread it, the gear is expensive and continues being marked up by retailers.

Founded on principles of community, transparency, and sustainability, we're making an effort to shed light on a brand with the courage to set an example.

Our partners at TREW Gear have delivered a product line that's tailored to the customer’s needs. Focusing on the value chain, TREW has set out to attain the best materials and design straight from the source without breaking the bank.


We're here to tell you style on the slopes is no longer about looking good, but it's about investing in sustainable brands who are championing authenticity, enjoyment, and most importantly, protection of your wallet. 

At Powfitter, we've identified brands like TREW that strive to be our partners in this endeavor of making the slopes more enjoyable and accessible. It's our goal to protect your wallet while giving you the attainability and flexibility on the mountain. 

'Tips Up