Say "Yes" to the Slopes

We've all had that moment when a friend or family member invites us on a once in a lifetime ski trip. You weigh the experience against the cost and ultimately decide against it. It sucks, we get it.

Hitting the slopes can be expensive and a burden if you're living in an overpriced big city apartment. When you think of transportation, lodging, lift tickets, and rentals, it adds up. And even if you're sharing a condo and flopping on couches or floors with a large group of friends, costs can pile up. 

But we believe that saying "yes" puts you out of your comfort zone. And saying "yes" to a ski trip can be a once in a lifetime trip to your dreams. 

Let's run through some tips to save on a ski trip.

Book Early

While there are a few different factors, generally the best time to book hotels is July through early fall. It's a great way to guarantee availability at the best spots on your favorite mountains.

Save on Clothing

In the past, the best way to save on jackets and pants was to buy secondhand or borrow from friends and neighbors. This can be wildly unreliable and uncomfortable because you're usually sacrificing quality and style. Who doesn't want to look good on the slopes? That's where Powfitter comes into play--providing you with reliable on-trend technical gear, all while avoiding upfront costs without sacrificing quality.

Save on Rentals

Reserving in advance on the mountain or off-site can save you a lot of financial burden. Off-site places tend to offer over 40% off rental helmets, boots, and skis. The trade-off is that on-mountain ski rentals allow you to leave everything onsite, there lies the benefit. Word to the wise, always make sure your boots fit and everything works before you head to the mountains, especially from an off-site locations. We speak from experience.

Avoid baggage fees

Packing is a nightmare and usually leads to checked luggage, which can be expensive. Not to mention, overstuffed luggage can lead to additional overweight fees. For equipment you can look to ski delivery services that will ship your skis to your destination. For your standard luggage, Powfitter can deliver your jacket and pants onsite. You can also try and leverage your credit card or airline status and miles to avoid that hefty baggage fee.

Buy lift tickets in advance and for multiple days

Like Disneyland, the most expensive priced tickets are single-day lift tickets. Most resorts use demand pricing to adjust for crowds, so the most affordable means is through purchasing season passes. We understand not everyone can fit 10-15 ski days into their schedules, so the best time to buy is at the end of the previous season or in the summer/fall of the advancing season. 

Newbies can save or "never evers"

If you're new to the mountains, look out for affordable opportunities that encourage "never evers" to take up skiing. Mountains are looking to create more affordable and safe environments for beginner skiers/snowboarders.


At Powfitter, saying "yes" is in our DNA. 

We believe in finding ways to say yes to the slopes. Saying yes to a spontaneous ski-trips. Yes to meeting new friends, to learning new languages, to picking up a new sport. 

Saying yes is how you get your first job, next job, spouse, and even kids.

While it can be a bit out of your comfort zone, saying yes means you will do something new and refreshing. Saying yes can be the difference of meeting someone new and making a difference in your life. Yes is a tiny word that can do big things. Say it often.

Tips up!