Our Story

Growing up outside New York City, many of Kat’s fondest memories are ski and snow trips with family and friends. As she got older, she recognized her older brothers’ hand-me-downs weren’t quite achieving the vintage-cool look she’d hoped for – and most of all, they weren’t keeping her warm on the slopes. 

When Kat met Charles and began traveling to Vermont more often for weekend ski trips, it was difficult to find and commit to purchasing the ideal ski jacket and pants. They realized that for occasional – and even advanced – skiers and riders, the process of buying snow apparel online is expensive, unreliable, uncertain and overwhelming.

That’s when Powfitter was born: a smarter, less wasteful, solution for skiers and riders alike. We're aiming to reinvent how people hit the slopes.

Powfitter provides a convenient way for skiers and riders to rent high-quality snow apparel, at a fraction of the price, with easy delivery to your destination. We’re on a mission to make ski trips with family and friends easy, affordable, and efficient. 

We’re forging partnerships with the next generation of snow apparel brands, while keeping an eye towards style, technical performance, and function.

Gone are the days of wearing hand-me-downs, one-time purchases, overwhelming oversized luggage fees, and storage units. With Powfitter, we deliver style and reliability directly to your destination because we value our time outdoors and we believe our customers deserve to get the most out of their time in the mountains.

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Charles and Kat